New Beginnings was conceptualized under the vision of two brothers who have worked in the field of developmental disabilities a number of years. They believe in the fundamental rights, values, and dignity of individuals with developmental disabilities. They also believe that all individuals should be accorded the same level of respect, care and opportunity to lead a meaningful life, thus, they realized the need for quality residential programs was greater than what was currently being offered in the Baltimore Metropolitan area.

The goal of the Agency is to provide quality services through programs that maximizes each individual’s potential for independence, self-sufficiency and personal development based on one’s own needs and preferences. The programming will allow each individual to obtain educational opportunities, life experiences, job training, placement and development of independent living skills, which will assist in their attainment of other personal goals. Assistance will be given to individuals served in accessing linkage to community support services. Supporting individual choices in culture and civic experiences will allow each individual served to become a more positive, productive and integrated member of his/her community.