New Beginnings Inc. stresses community integration and utilizes individually designed services to help people with disabilities live independently and as part of their community. CSLA provides services to assist an individual in non-vocational activities necessary to enable that individual to live in the individual’s own home, apartment, family home, or rental unit. These individuals are able to make their own choice towards their growth and independence. An individual in the CSLA program selects his/her home, roommate, CSC staff, supports, and makes decisions that affect his/her lifestyle. They receive more traditional supports from the community to maintain a lifestyle that is totally determined either by the individual or his/her family.

We assist our individuals with money management, home management, nutrition and meal preparation, obtaining resources in the community, taking consumers to medical appointments, getting involved in leisure activities, as well as all aspects of living on their own. All of our current CLSA consumers live in their own apartments, and with our support, are able to live independently in the community.

To learn more about the program, contact Alim Muhammad, Chief Executive at 410-597-8092, or email